Which posts succeed?

Surprising results from personal experience.

A single post of mine last week accounted for ten percent of my annual views. Why?

I get between 3-4 million views a year on LinkedIn. An average of 10000 per day across 200 countries. Last week a single one of my posts accumulated 300000 views. 30 x normal with 7000 likes, 200 reshares and 1000 comments


It Triggered an emotional response for many because good teachers occupy a special place in our hearts as selfless actors making an immense life impact.

It presented a solution Relevant to our current pain illustrating that TV broadcast that made broad recognition of a face possible is still useful today.

It received Global support from saffers around the world showing how powerful his influence was and how widely the competent are spread

It resonated across race, language, income class, culture. It underlines the power of connection and education.

There was a powerful mood of gratitude showing the True spirit of Ubuntu. We are nostalgic and yearn for the past and the power of Authentic, consistent but innovative delivery of true value.

And The big message !

The things that unite us are far far bigger than the things that separate us! And yes, one person can make a difference.

Remember this in the dark days ahead as the forces of evil try to break us up

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