What is startup enablement?

Startups operate in a difficult environment. They are simultaneously solving for multiple problems in very diverse and complex domains under extreme time and cost pressure and typically attempt to do so with limited resources. We facilitate acceleration for the startups on a numbers of topics:


The firm offers mentoring to startups that meet our specific standards and criteria. Only a limited number of startups are invited into the mentoring cohorts annually and are only onboarded for a limited period.

These mentoring sessions are without conditions but are contingent on making progress against specific milestones.This is also supported by our engagement at the Solutions Space at GSB UCT.


The firm works with a number of incubators in the region and assists with mentoring, fund raising and business building as well as piloting of solutions for proof of product and proof of market. These engagements are completed on a fee based model for services rendered with the option to take up equity.


The firm is engaged with a number of startups where it facilitates the securing of engagements with large corporates to address the friction points in those firms. It has a commercial engagement with Match-makers ventures to engage with best of breed startups on a global basis to facilitate their business development in the regions.

These engagements are completed on a revenue share model with the option to take up equity.

Board Engagements

The firm will in exceptional circumstances engage in board roles should the circumstances dictate this as an area of mutual benefit.

Fund Raising

Crowd Sourcing

The firm has an alliance with the largest crowd sourcing platforms in the region and assist with deal flow to allow for the raising of funds for startups in this manner.

Sweat Equity

The firm may choose to take up sweat equity in the firms that it assists. This mechanism is only used where the strategic and operational merits warrant this course of action.


Future Advisory is aligned to and a founding member of a selection of Venture Capital Funds in the region. The objective is to build up a deal flow for these firms that warrant investing in based on the maturity of their business model and their time to scale and potential exit arrangements.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Mentorship and guidance
  • Innovation around CVP
  • Facilitation of Lean startup processes
  • Board governance
  • Strategic insight
  • Funding facilitation
  • Contracts with established firms
  • Acceleration assistance
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  • Over 30 years’ experience in assisting startups to scale
  • Building a number of Billion Rand and Dollar firms
  • Solid academic and professional background
  • Embedded in the Incubator and accelerator startup communities

These vary depending on scale of firm and its needs. They generally range from:

  • Informal mentoring
  • Formal mentoring
  • Lead generation
  • Strategic counsel
  • Board advisory
  • Board role
  • Investor
  • Funding facilitator
  • Chairman
  • You need to have attained a level of maturity in the business.
  • Complete the application form
  • Equity stake
  • Call options
  • Consulting fees
  • Coaching fees
  • Commissions