Strategise, Digitise, Mobilise

The firm operates in three key business areas and these are underpinned by the firms distinctive competences in the fields of Innovation, online Commerce (including deep insight in the arena of Mobile and e-payments) and stimulation of the Startup ecosystem.

Keynote Addresses

The firm is in high demand for the delivery of key note addresses to both inhouse and open conferences and exhibitions. The addresses are typically no more than 45 minutes long and provide audiences with a very concise overview or masterclass on the industry and developments that can disrupt their space. This is then followed by a brief dive into the possible responses that firms can make and how incumbents may wish to address the challenges to avoid the catastrophic collapses seen at firms like Kodak, Blackberry, Nokia, Blockbuster and Motorola.

Case studies are often included in these presentations as examples of both good and bad strategies and outcomes.

All addresses are customized to suit both the firm and the industry.

FAQ - Keynotes

Most frequent questions and answers
  • Exco strategy session
  • Strategy breakaways
  • Staff briefing sessions
  • Staff motivation
  • Client thought leadership sessions
  • Product launches
  • Conferences
  • Innovation
  • Change management
  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Business Process automation
  • The future of … (Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Health care etc.)
  • The status of Technology business in Africa
  • Client defined, anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours is not unusual
  • Anywhere as long as I can get a visa
  • Understanding the key drivers of change
  • Building a mental model of digital disruption
  • Digital Strategy formulation
  • How to implement smart digital strategies that work
  • Nutanix, Sanlam, Discovery, IT Web, MMI, etc.

Future Scenario Planning

The firm offers services to map industry trends and evolution in the industry structure, key vectors, industry specific technology and industry strategies in order to create various planning scenarios for the future TO BE state of the industry. These scenarios are key in assisting with strategy planning in order to understand possible end states and to build both strategies and mitigations for the key possible outcomes.

Scenarios in this space have been developed in the Telecommunications, Financial Services and Healthcare sectors. The CEO has also served for four years as a member of the Chief Strategy Officers Group of the GSMA, the Global association of Telecommunication Operators, and provided key inputs and governance in the strategy formulation process for the industry for approval by the board of the institution.

Business Strategy Development

The firm provides detailed services in strategic AS IS assessments, Strategy formulation facilitation, development of execution plans and roadmaps and the development of execution structures and best practices.  The firm has in the past assisted clients with strategy implementation governance, execution guidance and the building up of competencies to be able to implement the desired strategies.  A key part of this work has been in the area of change management where the firm uses a well documented , detailed and comprehensive change management approach for the facilitation of the operational enablement of the competitive strategy.  This is of particular relevance where the firm is needed to migrate to a new target operating model.

The firms methodology is structured to extract all key issues and challenges in the As Is assessment. Strategies are compiled to ensure that all gaps are addressed and that tools, processes and competences are built to ensure the sustainable and aligned execution of the desired strategy