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Digital business transformation is the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model.

Digital Strategy Planning

This service talks to the creation of the vision for the Digital End Game. The advent of the Digital revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution has exposed incumbent operators in multiple industries to increasing Digital Disruption from exponential increases in expectations from their clients as well as increases in competitive forces from new disruptive startups and the global technology giants.

The firm has been very instrumental in assisting firms with outlining future scenarios, developing selection criteria in choosing between them and helping firms optimise the portfolio of activities for implementation both internally in the firm and externally through both startups and vendors.

A key part of this task has been to assist firms with developing an innovation strategy approach especially for disruptive innovations that may involve the path of corporate venturing or even the establishment of new business incubators.

Digital Transformation Strategies

The firm is currently engaged with a number of firms assisting in all aspects of this transformation both as a partner in formulation and execution as well as in an advisory or governance capacity at board level.

 The journey to digital transformation involves four sets of activities:

  • Digitizing the manner in which clients interact with the firm e.g. new digital channels
  • Digitizing the manner in which employees interact with the firm
  • Digitization of the internal operations for the firm
  • Creating new digital products

These engagements have included work of an architectural (technology, enterprise, data and process), strategic, technical design, vendor selection or even CEX nature.

Digital Roadmap

The journey to a digital future is just that, a journey. The journey from the AS to the TO BE has to be crafted with care to address the question of how to get there. As such a roadmap is key in order to ensure that the implementation progresses in pace with due consideration of the need for quick wins while also building the future platforms for growth within the firms constraints of resources and contention between short and long terms goals. 

The artefacts produced are the key projects to be embarked on, the sequencing of same and the mapping of the key dependencies.