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Helping firms predict, preempt and respond to market disruption. Develop a practical and relevant Digital Strategy

Startup Enablement

We help technology startups break through growth barriers and reach their maximum potential

Business Strategy

Future Advisory brings an unusual and valuable synthesis of deep and practical technology knowledge, extensive and pragmatic business strategic insight.

Digital Transformation

They achieve this with a long and successful business track record and outstanding global networks to assist both corporate and startup firms with the emerging challenges of digital disruption and transformation.

Startup Enablement

They bring a proven formula for the design, building and acceleration of multiple Billion Dollar initiatives in both environments and across multiple industries from Financial and Telecommunications to Engineering and Retail.

About the founder

Former CDO of the MTN group

He was previously the CDO of the MTN group where he was also deputy chairman of Jumia, Africa’s first unicorn as well as chairman of its JV insurance business
At MTN he was also chairman of its JV insurance business and on the board of MTN Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

Former digital executive for Vodacom

In 2012 Herman moved into the role of Managing Executive of mobile Commerce Vodacom
Here he successfully launched and managed a short term insurance business, a life assurance business and a mobile wallet.

Engineer with MD experience

Managing Director in the Siemens Company in 1996 to lead a large scale turn-around of the Industry Division responsible for Sub- Saharan Africa (13 countries) between 1996 and 2000.
Herman is an engineer with MD experience at both Siemens and Reunert for 20 years

Associate Professor

Associate Professor at GSB at UCT and is adjunct faculty at Duke Business School in North Carolina
Herman is an Associate Professor at GSB at UCT and is adjunct faculty at Duke Business School in North Carolina

Future proof your

Designing your future and Plotting a path to it

Build future
ready skills


Most frequent questions and answers

Desktop proposals are theoretical overviews with large risks arising from assumptions and untested hypotheses. A business is a living operating entity. A business case is a static blueprint. True success lies in the former and not the latter. 

Architectures are blueprint and as such it’s a design for a system. It’s also a very high level artefact which is useful for thinking and strategizing but not for budgeting or detailed execution.  The deployment of a digital scaling system is therefore light years from the former.

Being able to get products sold on digital channels demonstrates a working capability in proposition design, market analysis, go to market design and execution, customer experience management and logistic fulfillment at a very practical level.  Consulting services by definition are much higher level advisory engagements that in fact does not often pass the pragmatic test.

It’s important to draw the distinction between having a digital client who is scaling in a post revenue mode from startups still prelaunch and therefore whose proof of product and market are not delivered as yet.

Implementation of a concept to yield desired results is the ultimate test of capability. It illustrates clarity of thought, practical design and pragmatic execution. It’s a test of resourcefulness. A single member of a large team often has a few silo skills and relies on the team for progress.  PowerPoint does not generate revenue.  Enough said.

Breadth of conceptual thinking and skills across an industry, value chain or functions are key in a rapidly integrating and consolidating world. The successful professional of the future will demonstrate these capabilities in bucketloads.  The rest will leave a trail of unhappy clients.

Client Profile

Customers reviews

Thank you Future Advisory for assisting to shape a new and exciting vision and strategy for the business to enable us to be a world leader in our industry.
Jonathon Louw
Future Advisory has been able to help position us as a thought leader in the Hybrid Cloud environment in the region
Paul Ruinard
Nutanix -Africa Regional Manager
Future Advisory was able to shape our planning for the entire digitalization journey of our business to take it to the next level.
Neels Barendrecht
Agility Solutions - CEO

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