Unvaxxed rights?

Time to reconsider.

The unvaxxed are the new age smokers.

The unvaxxed are quick to complain about their civil rights being taken away like a new form of apartheid. But in many respects they are like smokers.

I don’t want you on my flight. I don’t want to sit next to you in a cinema. You need a separate section in a restaurant. You need to have a separate category of hotel room. There won’t be ashtrays in cars. There will be warnings everywhere about this habit. You will need to disclose this on an insurance application and to your doctor. Every time!

There will be signs asking you to Go do your unvaxxed thing on a pavement outside with the other unvaxxed. Or in a small room with extra ventilation squashed in with other unvaxxed. Entire regions, like airports or malls will exclude those who are unvaxxed.

There will be many locations where you will not be welcome, as fuel stations and hospital wards do today. You will not be allowed to contaminate workspaces like offices where others work.

Both smoking and COVID have a simple mitigation. Stop the one and vaccinate for the other.

Just get the vaccine please. Smoking is not as contagious and does not kill as fast. And smoking does not create more variants.

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