There is NO magical answer.

Politicians like simple answers, but what is no one is spending?

Brace yourself – There is NO magical answer. Politicians like simple answers. Everybody wants to restart factories and mines. Only one flaw. Nobody is buying anything. And even if they wanted to they can’t. They have no money. So you would just be building up finished goods inventory. All of our trading partners have closed supply chains and factories. They don’t need Raw materials or components. The oil industry is a classic case. Flights are down 96%. Given the number of flight attendants infected so far that’s not changing soon. International travel WILL have a mandatory 14 day quarantine at each end. Would you fly??? Local commutes are down due to lockdowns. Global Oil consumption is down 30%. OPEC Oil production cuts had to be agreed of 25%. That’s unprecedented. The strongest cartel in the world is on its knees All producers, except for essential services, are in the same boat. We can only revert to where we were when the entire world is back to its steady state. That’s not happening soon. Don’t believe any politician promising a return to “normal” “We have many miles to walk before we sleep”

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