The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.

Lessons from where business comes before lives.

The USA, UK and Brazil are examples of countries where leaders downplayed the risks by putting profit before purpose. Business before lives. The death tolls have been disproportionate. UK for example will end up with 40% of all fatalities in Europe (yes Brexit, I get it). One can understand Italy and Spain as they were the first to be hit. But countries hit later don’t have an excuse for these disproportionate losses Communities are torn by the need to work and the need to save lives. Politicians are walking a fine line. Countries that voted for nationalistic and hyper business friendly leaders have received a shock. They got exactly what they voted for It’s clear that the veneer of being a developed country for some will be severely shattered when we sum up the losses due to massive social disparity in forgotten communities and due to omission or commission on the part of government. African Americans in some communities have had a 16 year lower life expectancy for decades. Now they are three times more likely to die. This pandemic result was baked in for decades. We can always rebuild the economy. We cannot bring back our beloved family. The choice is clear and some leaders have missed the mood completely

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