The nation called South Africans

A reflection on this week's events in SA

South Africa has been to hell in less than a week and is slowly on its way back. For many of us these were the most fearsome and horrendous events in our entire lives.

Our brains and eyes were conflicted by the hellish events and images on WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok or Tv streams. Alternately crying and then laughing at the sheer madness and ridiculousness of it all and joined by a global disbelieving audience.

Many of us have lost a lot. Some have lost it all. Supply chains are down and retail for food and fuel are crippled. Businesses and lives are ruined forever. This has been like a war but with a complete absence of leadership!

But there is a tiny glimmer of hope in all of this mess.

1. Loss of life has been minimal and peripheral. We avoided another haunting Marikana on a national scale
2. There was no , much predicted, race war
3. Communities pulled together to defend and support each other as never before
4. We are collectively United against the RET-ards
5. The events were very localised to geographically only 15% of the entire country for very good reason. 7 provinces declined to join the orchestrated attack.
6. The instigating perpetrators know who they are. So do we! This was treason and they well know that severe punishment is coming their way. Soon they will be on the run.
7. Communities are punishing looters on their own and returning some stolen goods
8. No critical damage was done to any strategic infrastructure
9. This was orchestrated for maximum impact to make two regions ungovernable but was no coup!
10. This is the dying death throes of the Guptards. If this was their worst then we survived all that they could throw at us. And did not fall for their attempts to collapse the entire country.
11. Severe messages have been sent to government by the people on their pathetic policies and weak ministers. Expect a very profound change. The people will demand justice.
12. Sides have been picked. Those that lost must be kicked to the political wilderness or prosecuted with the full force of the law. immediately .

A more resilient country or people does not exist. We are always reeling from crisis to crisis or even creating an enormous socio economic existential crisis within the worst pandemic the world has ever known.

And still we stand. Firm. Resolute. Focussed. United.

Right this minute there are recovery teams across the nations cleaning up , regearing, restarting and fixing as we crawl out of this crater. Our true heroes are many. From security guards and taxi drivers to truck drivers and warehouse workers their exhausted eyes scanning a field of broken dreams. Yet ready to start anew.

The people need to learn that destruction does not beat construction. It’s our job to get that message through.

There are millions more like me that just doubled down on helping fix this mess. Because the politicians won’t. So it’s up to us to start a new path from the worst crisis in living memory.

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