The Covid crisis has been like a road accident

Are you stuck in a traffic jam?

(My post , per the image, was delayed by some traffic disruptions this morning 😊)

The Covid crisis has been like a road accident.

We stop all traffic while we stabilize and treat patients. We make way for essential services. We then remove the disruption and fix the infrastructure. Passengers and drivers are very frustrated by this unexpected disruption. In the process we then gradually release a lane at a time but with severe speed restrictions until finally everything is repaired and we revert to the original speed limit.

This accident never gets cleared because new accidents keep happening !!

Because, as with all road accident zones :

Many people are inconvenienced by a few.
There are always some idiots breaking the lower speed limit
There are always those looking for a detour!
Some fool always drives down the emergency lane.
More accidents are caused by the impatient and unfocused
And the delays are extended by these morons who refuse to comply.

The much extended delays mean that we all eventually run out of fuel!!! ( and stuck on the highway of life)

It’s human nature really !

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