Should you be scared?

The pandemic does not scare me.

This Pandemic does not scare me. I’m South African. We have been mentally and physically preparing for this pandemic for a decade or more

1. We have lived with uncertainty and anxiety for so long due to chaotic politics
2. We understand how to live without power
3. We don’t stress over market or currency volatility thanks to the Rand.
4. We are used to dealing with grossly incompetent and fraudulent politicians
5. We have learned to work as communities to bypass inefficient service delivery
6. We have coped with water rationing
7. We know what to do when fuel stations run out of gas
8. We have lived with mass infections such as Listeria or HIV / AIDS
9. We have learned how to ignore overly dramatic and false news reporters
10. We are used to No work , no pay, no penalty
11. Most people don’t work anyway. So no impact for them
12. Our national airline has already failed In advance And Public trains are being burnt so no contamination risk there
13. Criminals have been targeting the elderly and farmers for years so they are already resilient
14. We are already burning universities and public facilities so there is less to close down
15. We know how to work with a collapsing healthcare system.

I just feel sorry for the rest of the world for whom this is all new.

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