Seek out opportunity in adversity

Adversity is a key part of success.

Seek out opportunity in adversity We often complain about how adverse our conditions are and use that as an excuse for not reaching our full potential. Born poor. Country at war. Weak government. Poor policies. Sickness. Racially or politically disadvantaged. Actually most great innovations occur when resources are constrained. Like in war times. Or in countries that are straining. In a recession. Or when a firm is faced with an existential crisis. Or you are struggling to survive at a physical level. Our ability to be more focused and efficient increases exponentially and our willingness to change and take risks increases similarly. Technology accelerates in wartime. Companies become very creative in economic times. It’s when costs are ruthlessly cut. Complacency sets in when all is well and we have enough of everything. Hence this quote in banking “Bad loans are made in good times. “. It’s why startups should be starved. Have cash will spend! Embracing adversity, like we did in Africa, is a key component of success. Just like artists need to suffer for their true genius to emerge so it is that life challenges drive us to win. From mobile money and micro loans and insurance to smart ways to use water or energy. There is indeed no gain without pain.

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