Pro tips for lockdown

True lockdown companion.

Pro tip- Getting the right peripherals during lockdown can dramatically improve your quarantine productivity.

The Yorkie upgrade was compact and particularly helpful as it doubles laptop capacity. Did not come with an operating manual

Volume control not always effective. Spends most time powered down. I found the Compact version to be very energy efficient and low maintenance. Very low carbon paw-print with low consumable requirements . Needs regular tactical stimulation. Unfortunately does not operate well externally on wireless so tethering is essential. But does provide hands free operation. Bluetooth available based on dietary upgrades selected. Cooling system might offend some more sensitive olfactory senses. Can be resource hungry if not set up correctly. Seamlessly compatible with all users and highly portable. Does not share consumables.

Can be distracting if powered up during work sessions close to other peripherals.
Does not operate well with a mouse. Must keep well hydrated for optimal performance.

5 ⭐️. Would definitely recommend.

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