Living with the corona virus

Is this part of our new normal?

Learn to live with the novel corona virus as part of our new normal. In the same way that malware on the web is a reality so we must accept the reality that this virus is here to stay. It will outlive this season and this year and may even become embedded in communities. What does this mean ? 1. Travel to China might be constrained for years 2. Racism Based on Chinese or similar ethnicity will increase chronically 3. Large multi nation, face to face events will be curtailed with big impacts on sports and conferences 4. International hubs will embed health checks as a routine 5. International travel in general will change to prevent on board infections 6. This might spell the end of the cruise ship industry 7. Video conferencing will accelerate dramatically 8. The handshake might fall away. It’s not a coincidence that Asia’s two largest communities don’t touch in their greetings. It’s a bow or a Namaste. 9. European kiss greetings could prove to be fatal 10. New medical care and hygiene innovations will accelerate 11. There are already two other novel viruses threatening. One in Brazil and one in Nigeria. So this is an ongoing threat. The world won’t be the same again but then again it never is after a tectonic shock like this.

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