Is the corona virus saving lives?

Lives saved due to lockdowns.

Oddly the corona virus is saving far more lives than it takes so far!

Many states with lockdowns have reported a radical drop in motor vehicle accidents. It’s also rational to assume that contact crimes have dropped significantly although domestic violence would be up. Vehicle hijackings are down too as is deaths from the ordinary flu virus due to isolation measures.

The corona virus has already taken over 47 k lives but 14.7 million people have died this year so far from all causes and one has to ask how many lives were spared. Obviously an exponential virus will eventually overtake this number. It is likely though that at this point there is a net saving of lives. And reductions in accidents.

Do I need an umbrella when I live in a desert? So when do we see significant reductions in insurance premiums for vehicles and life insurance? Asking for a friend

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