Inspiration is like recharging your life.

Inspiration is like recharging your life. When you are inspired you feel manic, unbeatable, excited and passionate. You suspend self doubt and start to believe without proof. You close out negative thoughts. Inspiration allows you to be creative and turns you into your super-self. It’s like a free life nitrous boost or turbo. “Inspiration is the primary tool of resiliency. If we are resilient, we can overcome obstacles, challenges, trials and tribulations. Inspiration helps us to modify our negative features into positive. An inspired individual seeks to achieve, to attain, and accomplish or bring out the best in themselves and others.” So where does this come from? Inspiration emerges through unexpected life moments. Time with a child, parent or ill person who is positive. A quote. A work of art . Nature. People making a difference. Or, from a surprise win of an underdog sports team embodying Noble attributes. It’s always surprising. Positive. Uplifting. It’s a life hack. A real world cheat. A Non habit forming healthy drug. Seek this out actively. Find ways to become and remain inspired. It’s your magnet pulling you forward to a positive future.

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