In which data do you trust?

Be wary of data sources.

Be wary of the Chinese data. This virus attacks the respiratory system. Remember that smoking is very prevalent in China among the older generation and males in particular. Up to 80% by some estimates! That’s not typical in the West. So China had a very strong bias built into their demographics in terms of weakened respiratory and immune systems thanks to skewed and very intense smoking behavior

So their stats could be heavily shifted by this.

Everyone is at risk. Some countries in Sub Saharan Africa have up to 30 percent HIV penetration in the general population. In the developed nations that’s normally around 1%. Russia is the outlier at 6%

So Africa’s mortality stats will be dramatically different. More females have HIV and at a younger age. Rules of thumb are dangerous her clearly. One needs to look at the details of each population to understand the spread and mortality stats.

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