I’m off the grid

Serve taxpayers or lose them.

An “Off-grid” life is the new normal
( Government, what have you done for me lately)

I moved most of my home off grid For power this year and even installed tanks to store rainwater water. My security firm is Private as is my environmental services. I use private healthcare and my suburb even does its own road maintenance and streetlights. I use a private postal service for inbound and outbound mail. Public areas are managed by a private firm and even drains are managed by them. I don’t watch national TV as I have Netflix.

My worst nightmares are any Touchpoint with government. Whether it’s homeland or border , traffic and vehicle management or taxes it is a horrific experience. I even donate directly to the needy to bypass corrupt or inefficient government departments.

No, I’m not privileged. I worked 40 years and paid my taxes to get here!

So why do we kid ourselves that we have a government when we don’t. Either serve taxpayers or lose them!

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