Earing your social license

How to earn your social license.

Business is earning its social license to operate in SA thanks to the RETards!

Communities are uniting across SA to defend and rebuild. Reaching arms across historical differences to protect and serve. Driving back the RETards with forceful unity. It’s been amazing watching all sectors of the country pull together against the common enemy of chaos and drstruction. The centre held.

This is a great illustration of the SLTO model in action. Your social license to operate. Does the community withdraw, accept or identify with your business?

Marikana was at the bottom of this pyramid as the community attacked the mine because it could not cross the legitimacy boundary or the credibility boundary. SA business has learned from that and is now attempting to do both.

The top of the social license to operate pyramid is when your business is defended by the community it serves against external threats. Psychologically identifying with the businesses and crossing the trust boundary.

As communities awaken to smoke and destruction and reality sets in it is heart warming to observe how civil defences of and by citizens is turning the tide.

Twitter was quiet last night. I slept better.

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