Do the hustle!

Are you developing something on the side?

The decimation of Jobs and businesses is now inevitable. It will vary per industry with the service industry suffering the most and the travel, tourism and entertainment industry particularly badly hit. The Western Cape has 60% of jobs tied directly or indirectly to tourism. And international flights might not resume until next March. The big question that we all have to answer urgently is “will I have a job, small business or career to go back to after this lockdown is over” We are all going to need a side hustle. A personal business or gig. That’s what we should be working on during this lockdown. Unemployment in most countries will be up by at least 12-15%. Some temporary but most will last for two to three years. If your government pays you not to work then cool. The rest of us are going to switch to being survivalists. Good luck. The earlier that you start the better. This event could become the biggest catalyst to new business creation ever. Not because we like to but because we have to.

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