Covid is real

The third wave is still growing.

I’ve barely hugged my teenage daughter in a month!

Rising numbers of my friends and colleagues have contracted covid in the last two weeks. My daughter’s teacher contracted it and both my teenagers have school friends with COVID. My daughter has had to go into cautionary self isolation twice. Hugging is off.

I have fellow board members infected and lose 7 kgs in ten days fighting this and close friends and collleagues die. One of my boards has tragically experienced a thirty percent infection rate and twenty percent covid fatalities! The news is filled with stories of triage at hospitals due to full wards and lack of oxygen with hospitals ICU being full with younger and more seriously sick patients. A single ICU reported that fatalities have moved from 1-2 a week to 7 a day this week.

I don’t need my President to put me into a level 5 lockdown. I’m doing it myself. You should too.

And where are the vaccines?

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