COVID-19 polarizes

The three camps and agendas of the COVID 19 debate

The tone of debate has worsened in the last month. There is a lower tolerance for alternative opinions and open debate and I’ve deleted a number of personal insults or fake news links There seems to be three camps and agendas depending on the impact on you.

1. The lockdown was good and we should emerge cautiously once this has passed. Saving lives is the overarching imperative.

2. The world has changed and this virus is here for a few years so we need a phased responsible withdrawal and mitigation’s fir intermittent outbreaks. We must accept some casualties but protect the old and infirm.

3. The lockdown was insane and we must immediately revert to where we were and trust herd immunity. If 1 % of the population dies that’s tough. The dead were going to die soon anyway.

1 favored by Socially aware and the left more liberal wing

2: favored by the employed and financially secure individuals.

3- self employed, hard nosed business leaders and many unemployed are the right wing You should not confuse your personal agenda with the science.

Willing this away is unhelpful. Nobody has the correct answers because this is new to us all. So let’s learn and act together. The optimal course of action might only be obvious in hindsight if at all !!

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