Become more resilient

Be both velcro and teflon at the same time.

Being resilient means dealing with Velcro and Teflon at the same time.

The brain has a negativity bias. We remember bad experiences for far longer than good ones. It’s like Velcro for negative inputs and Teflon for good ones. In a performance review where you receive nine elements of good feedback and one of bad it’s the latter that we remember and fixate on.

This is what stops us from being resilient in these trying times. Fixing this is tough but here are three pro-tips.

1. Have a plan and focus on that. Slow down , listen to the experts , formulate a plan of action and stick to that.

2. Remain calm and Centered. Breathe in deeply and out slowly. It helps to calm the body. Take time out to do something that you enjoy like a walk or run or even just chilling with a cup of tea. Verbal communication drives rumination so just thinking about other positive aspects of your life is a powerful force. Gratitude for the good.

3. Help others. Self pre-occupation creates a lot of our stress and anxiety. Helping someone else makes us less stressed because of our own issues

Resilience is about resisting the waves that try to knock you over or to right yourself when they do. Building it takes time and practice.

Try these three simple tactics whenever you are down.

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