Are you too big to fail?

What will fail next?

There is no such thing as “too big to fail”. Everything that humans built will fail, on a long enough timeline.

Hubris is one of humanities great failings. We challenge the universe with our own perceived infallibilities.

Everything humans built needs maintenance. Nature maintains itself.

Consider this : if all bees, plants or worms disappeared overnight, humans would rapidly go extinct. If all humans disappeared overnight the earth would return to its former glory.

It is not necessary for us to exist for the earths ecosystem to exist, evolve and thrive. it’s the exact opposite in fact. As we saw during 2020.

You can’t destroy the planet. You are destroying “your” environment. The one that humans need to exist in. The environment will recover and exist for many millions of years after we are gone.

Let that sink in. Then think about how you would address global issues differently.

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