Accelerate after you vaccinate

Are you trapped in lockdown mode?

You can only accelerate after you vaccinate.

Countries trapped in a cycle of lockdowns are self destructive and we will eventually see their governments collapse as they fail in two basic duties – protecting lives and livelihoods. No, it’s not a dilemma as many governments have framed the choices. It’s not Either – Or. It’s And. We need to break this Tyranny of the Or! We can have a safe population And a productive economy at the same time.

But that requires a basic task. Get and distribute vaccines. It’s not hard or complex. It’s simple administration and logistics. It requires a simple decision. How do we prioritize and resource this given that it is by FAR the most important thing that we have to do this century!!!

Do the math – at 800 dying a day in a country like South Africa we are looking at 300000 dying a year or 600 k a year using the excess deaths indicator. This assumes no acceleration of the death rate due to new variants emerging all the time. That’s 1% of the population dying in a year. The equivalent of half of all New born babies dying! That’s genocide through negligence. No government can survive this and will be overthrown!

Governments must either Lead, Follow or Get out of the way as we do this ourselves!

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