A global funeral

We are grieving over the loss of our previous lives.

This is a global funeral and we are grieving over the loss of our previous lives. It’s clear that physical distancing together with PPE and regular sanitizing are with us for a few months or maybe much longer. This has disrupted many industries and lives with lockdowns for 4.6Bn people. Our first stage in this process was Denial that the virus Or fatality rates are real. Many are still there as one can see on Twitter and fake news sites. Then there was massive Anger Against the rules with protests against lockdowns in America in particular. The next phase was Depression At losing so much of our rights and privileges. A deep sorrow and sadness at a shadow life. This has severe mental health implications especially for those living alone. Then came a process of Bargaining With adjustments and changes to our daily routines to adapt to an emerging new normal. This is the healthy recovery part of our healing process. Finally we get to Acceptance Where we accept the new normal as real and the past drifts to greyness. We move on with our new lives. The process can’t be rushed and many are trapped at an earlier stage unable to move forward. We need to console them in the same way we would at a funeral so that we move into our new “distancing” future together.

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