A Black swan meets a white knight!

The important role of IT in our business environment were once again illustrated with COVID 19

The SARS COV2 crisis is indeed a once in a lifetime event . And amazingly the business world will pass this stress test relatively well. This means that back up plans worked. As did business continuity plans.

Firms rapidly transitioned to work from home and continued to deliver most services. The internet Infrastructure and cloud services held up so Students were able to study or game and friends and families to be entertained or to communicate with each other.

The hero’s in the fight against the Pandemic are the essential services staff and quite rightly much has been said about them. But the IT teams in all companies deserve congratulations too. Keeping systems running , maintaining infrastructure and securing perimeters and data all the while dealing with service providers and localized crises.

Your ability to deal email, engage in video conferences , access documents or even collaborate on projects while in your pj’s at home are a sign of a major but silent revolution quietly underway in the last decade.

So it’s time to say a huge thank you to the IT teams that kept the life blood of the firms running. The unsung heroes of this crisis.

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